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  1. Professional Drywall Services (Read Below)
    Competitive Prices, Latest Technology, Peace of Mind
  2. Exceptional Quality
    We are always striving for perfection.
  3. Free Estimates
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  5. Years Of Experience
    We back our work with 16 years in the industry.


Drywall hanging may seem like something that anyone can do but there still are some tricks to the trade that make hiring worth the money. Drywall that has been professionally installed saves time and materials when it comes to finishing. Common mistakes are incorrect joint spacing, screw placement, or corners. These frequent inconsistencies can quickly cost some of your hard-earned savings to fix when it comes to the mudding and taping stage. We can make your life easier by starting with hanging the drywall and saving time by continuing right through to painting. Save your framers the hassle by hiring us to install your drywall. You deserve the peace of mind that expert drywall installation will give you. Give us a call!


At Sandy Ridge, we take a lot of care to make even the hidden details with the best quality available. Standard drywall sheeting has rounded corners on the edge joints where the taping is required. These corners create a V groove when placed together. This groove becomes a labour cost to ensure that the extra drywall mud and tape are installed correctly. Incorrect drywall taping or insufficient drying time can cause the groove to dimple and show. We have come across a solution to this process using Durabond® joint compound to fill the groove. This product results in minimal shrinking when drying and allows us to get the job done quicker with better results. 

Our team works with efficiency and quality consciousness. Taping must be correctly installed to ensure long-lasting results. Choose our professional team and enjoy the security and comfort of knowing the job will be done right.

Mudding is done after taping to create an even finish on the entire wall or ceiling. This is priced as a part of the taping process and isn't separated from that process. The compound used is carefully mixed to ensure the perfect finish you expect. The drywall mud is then troweled with expert hands and years of perfecting the skill. We never leave a project until we are confident the customer will be happy with the results. Contact us for a price on your taping and mudding!

TEXTURING (Optional)

Texturing is an optional finish that is available for your walls or ceiling. We offer any type of texturing you might request. Some of the finishes available are smooth finish (standard), orange peel texture, regular texture, and knockdown texture. All of these give your wall a distinct look that can enhance the look and feel of your home. Contact us to discuss your options and pricing. 


Why not complete the project with a stress-free, professional paint job? You get the enjoyment of a newly painted house without so much as lifting a paintbrush.


We do it all from the extensive painting projects down to the small detail work. We use up to date equipment and safety gear. We take pride in our work and are always striving for perfection. Although we are not professional designers we have considerable experience with paints and colour combinations and would be glad to answer questions and work together with you to choose the perfect colour scheme. We have colour chips available that we can bring to the site visit for your reference. Schedule your site visit now to be on your way to a completely new paint job!

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